Blue Foundation

Its main responsibilities consist in:

  • Promoting the adoption of Blue as a worldwide digital investments asset
  • Vetting investment projects.
  • Distributing the native currency of the Blue ecosystem in order to expand the reach of the global goal of creating a more sustainable economy in the long run.
  • Creating and supporting technical and non-technical partnerships and educational initiatives to boost understanding of the Blue Economy, Biomimetics, Symbiosis, knowledge sharing and development those efforts internationally at the institutional and community level.

Open source

Blue is an open-source, distributed digital asset built on the Stellar platform. It adopts the underlying openess and transparency of its parent network.

It is designed to be open and accessible to everyone.

Blue Stellar Ltd

The company developing teh token. Its role is to promote global access to BLUE:

  • Develop and maintain a secure and low cost global transaction network ("BLUE Network") and protocol ("BLUE Protocol") that are high quality, open-source, and publicly accessible to everyone.
  • Develop and maintain publicly accessible tools and services to support the BLUE Network and its users.
  • Set up and manage the Blue Decentralized Exchange
  • Provide guidance and direction for the BLUE Ecosystem.

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